Wednesday, 7 May 2014


On top of my wishlist. A MacBook. I think a MacBook is a musthave for a blogger. It's not only a musthave, but a pleasure to work with it too. And the design is so lovely! Just simple. I Love it. This blogpost I am writing from an old and ugly computer. I'm -trying- to save money so I can buy a MacBook. I say 'trying' because my saving skills aren't that good... I have to save money for my holiday too. Hopefully my parents can support me. As I told you in my last post I actually have to study. But I have some "study avoidance behavior' -that’s a Dutch term, and I have no idea if it means the same in English-. In all my study breaks I find the greatest Tumbler profiles, with the most amazing inspiration pictures. So stay tuned for more inspiration posts! 

-Pictures : Tumbler -  

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  1. those pictures are soooo lovely ! ♥ Apple ♥ *

    Feel free to visit my blog ;-)