Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Tomorrow is the big day, Framboise Noire consists a half year! A year ago I couldn't suggest that I would have a blog. It was just something in my head, a kind of dream, i guess. 
 It was a dream I couldn't get out of my head. I was afraid that it I couldn't contaminate it with my schoolwork. 
But, dreams came true! And after a long time of doubting, I bought a camera. That was the first step to my blog.
   But then came the second problem; how should I name my blog?? Again a long time pondering further. 
I found I the hardest part of stating blogging. Luckily I got the perfect name; Framboise Noire. 
It stands of a raspberry, its my favorite fruit by fare! And for black, my favorite color by fare. 
      So Framboise Noire is a combination of favorites :) Framboise Noire is a French, cause is one of my favorite 
languages ( I only can't talk it, hmm, just a few words that I learnt years ago on school ). 
And I think raspberry sound better as framboise. Problem solved. So I could start blogging! 
For my first outfit post I went to Amsterdam with my brother. And in a small quiet street we took our first photo's
  And so Framboise Noire was official born! From then I tried to post each week, and the results you see in the 
collage. I hope I can make another recap post in a half year!   

Ps : Tomorrow I will show you something new, so keep updated! 

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